Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Cartesian beginnings...

Thoughts are my pleasure, my excitement, my motivation, my work.  After a childhood of relentless questioning, I studied Philosophy at one of the best universities in the world.  I was taught by some of the greatest minds in the field, and my pulse still races when I think of the intellectual excitement of those years. 

There, I began to realise how little I knew.  Now, after many more years of listening, reading, studying, inquiring, maturing, experiencing, living and feeling, I am just as excited by the world around me, and what possibly lies beyond, but my realisation is how little anybody knows.  We believe a lot of things.  We know next to nothing.  Does it matter? I know I think.  That'll do nicely.  It is fascinating, it is full of wonder.

I know something else too:  I feel.  I have a mind, but I have a heart too.

I had the most brilliant of tutors (a brilliant tutor and a brilliant philosopher - the two don't always come together) who encouraged all thought, all ideas as equally valuable.  No thought, no idea, no feeling is irrelevant, however simple or mundane it may seem.  You might discard its argument along the way, but you must always entertain all possibilities.

From our thoughts and feelings comes the action and emotions of our lives; they determine our behaviour, our words and our deeds.  We can work out how we choose to live our particular lives, or just that particular moment, even if there is little of which we can be certain.  It's not scary, it's thrilling.  

The philosopher is still in me now, but I am also a woman, a mother, a lover, a friend and a human being.  I offer you my juicy human quotidian thoughts, you never know what we may bump into along the way...

Please feel free to post relevant comments.  Keep the pulse racing.

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